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by Copper Lake Breweries

Premium Lager

Premium Lager

340ml Case of 24

A combination of local, South African pale malt, a fine Pilsner and a hint of hearty Melanoiden malt is giving this full bodied Lager beer its malty character. Czech and German bitter and aroma hops create a beautiful bouquet of typical hop aromas for our premium Lager. It is fermented with traditional Lager yeast that derives from the oldest brewery in the world. It ferments between 8-12 degrees and with the settled yeast being taken of before the maturation it continues at 2 degrees between 4-5 weeks. This guarantees an unforced and stress-free fermented and well balanced Premium Lager. It is full bodied with a definite malt note and has 5 vol-% of the finest alcohols.

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