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Ambition and Passion


by Copper Lake Breweries



340ml Case of 24

The typical German Weissbeer is handcrafted with 50% of imported wheat malt and a combination of pale and specialty malts. This great beer has a full body and has all the typical banana, clove and other flavours and spices that makes this Weissbier so special. A very slight note from the 2 different varieties of hops underline this well balanced beer. The intense and well defined mashing recipe takes over 5 hours in order to get the full malt character transferred into the beer. The special yeast strain that goes back genetically for well over 100 years ferments this special brew at 18 – 24 degrees for 4-5 days. After that the yeast has been harvested and then the beer matures for 2 weeks at 18 degrees. The natural, unforced carbonation is higher than in a Lager beer and adds to the refreshing taste. 4.5 vol% of alcohol has been worked into this crafted beer from our experienced yeast.


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