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Ambition and Passion


by De Vry Distillery

Die Droë Rooinek


750ml Glass Bottle

De Vry Distillery is an authentic South African distillery producing premium local spirits made from natural, home-grown ingredients. A love for country, a passion for farming and the creative freedom offered by a new generation, inspired the Du Plooy brothers to establish a fine local spirits company. Our eight botanicals are infused with vapour to deliver a crisp dry gin with lingering citrus, pepper and floral notes. Die Droë Rooinek Dry Gin owes its unmistakable taste to a combination of juniper, coriander, angelica, chamomile, khaki bos, pink peppercorn, lemon and orange. Our production starts with only the best regionally sourced ingredients. The fermentation process is enabled by specific yeast cultures in combination with a blend of Borehole and RO water, ensuring no harmful effects on the environment.


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